On 17th of October Luxinnovations has held an event “Horizon 2020 day 2019” dedicated to the past successes of Innovative industries of Luxembourg in their pan-European collaboration under the Horizon 2020 program. These tendencies are believed to be even more successful during the upcoming program Horizon Europe which will serve as a continuation of funding actions by the European Commission.
During the event, Benjamin Questier, Strategic Advisor & Head of European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, has shared his insights in the future of international collaboration under the flag of Luxembourg.
Ai Mediq, being an active participant of EU research funding activities has also participated in this event and conducted a number of working meetings with a current and potential collaborator.
Together we look forward to promoting the participation of Luxembourg entities in the international collaboration, as this important strategic task for all of us on the edge of science
as Mr Platonenko has noted in his remarks.