ReOxy treatment procedure consists of repeated short term hypoxia (9-15% O2) periods, interrupted by brief periods of recovery (30-35% O2). Typical treatment course comprises 10-15 sessions.
The hypoxic load is dosed strictly individually adjusted the targeted SpO2, evaluated during a preliminary hypoxic test. A standard hypoxia tolerance test (maх.10 min of 11% oxygen gas mixture) is performed to determine the initial session parameters (by monitoring changes in blood oxygen saturation and heart rate in response to hypoxia).

How does it work?

  • Hypoxic and hyperoxic breathing gas mixtures are supplied via a facial mask.
  • The switchover between gas mixtures throughout a procedure performed automatically, controlled by biofeedback principle using SRT® technology.


  • • Prior … of course
  • • After every 3 procedures


  • • Course of 20-25 procedures
  • • Daily/ every either day


  • • Result analysis
  • • PDF reports
  • • Data storage
  • The hypoxic treatment parameters are determined after a preliminary assessment of the patient’s ability to adapt to hypoxic gas mixtures, by doing the Hypoxic Test.
  • Built-in intelligent software automatically identifies and suggests key treatment parameters for the Individual Treatment Program, based on the results of the hypoxic test.
  • At the end of each test, procedure, and treatment course ReOxy generates a summary report in pdf.

ReOxy Procedure