REOXY® is a new breathing therapy medical device, that treats a patient with individually dosed levels of reduced-oxygen (hypoxic) gas mixtures throughout the procedure

ReOxy medical device for provision of an innovative breathing therapy method: Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperoxic Treatments (IHHT)

Easy to operate


Select or enter a patient to the patient & procedure database management system.


Confirm the calculated procedure parameters and alarm limits. Put on the sensor and mask.

Test 5 minutes

During the procedure, ReOxy monitors SpO2, PR and O2. The procedure lasts for 30-60 min.

Technical Benefits
Blending and supply of gas mixtures
- Supplied gas mixtures:
hypoxic (10-14% O2)
hyperoxic (30-40 % O2)
- Automatic switching of gas flows (SRT‑technology)
- Automatic flow volume regulation
Intellectual control system
- Individually-programmed operating modes
- Automatic analysis of test results
- Monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen
saturation powered by leading Masimo SET technology
- Maintenance of patient database, providing for data
export and further statistical analysis
- Possibilities for updating built-in software
Multi-level safety system
- automatic identification of the maximal treatment efficiency zone
- automatic switch between gas flows when reaching maximal and minimal threshold values
- manual gas flows switch
- integrated safety valve (automatic supply of ambient air)
- alarm signals (acoustic and visual warnings)
- Trends of supplied O2, pulse rate and flow
rates registered powered by Masimo SET technology
- Display of current and preset parameters for the procedure
- Mode indication (hyperoxic/hypoxic)
- Entry of patient data, choice of procedure parameters
- Integrated control display
ReOxy device intended use
The operational safety of the unit is only assured when used for the purpose it is intended for, as specified in the instructions for use.
The ReOxy device must only be used according to the medical indication and only in accordance with the doctor's prescription by following instructions for use.
The intended use also includes the compliance with the assembly instructions, as well as the notes on cleaning and maintenance of the ReOxy device.

Any other use of the unit beyond these limits is prohibited and is not considered as unintended use! Claims of any kind against the manufacturer and/or his authorized representatives resulting from damage caused by unintended use of the unit are excluded. The operator is solely liable for any damage resulting from unintended use.