AI MEDIQ is the first in the world to develop

• The way to dose a hypoxic load based on the bodily response to inhalation of gaseous mixture with reduced oxygen
• The algorithm for calculating individual therapeutic hypoxia dose
• The new device to facilitate the interval hypoxic therapy method using biological feedback with automatic calculation of individual treatment hypoxia dose and duration

Key novelties and unique selling points of the ReOxy treatment include:
• World’s first hypoxia-based clinically approved therapy for cardiac patients
• Personalised therapy based on individual pre-treatment hypoxic test
• Computerised feedback of patient vital signs, and in-built safety stop
• Can be effectively integrated with standard exercise training
• Easy to operate for users
• Extensive spin-off potential to other clinical indications
• Can provide quality of life and lifestyle improvement benefits

ReOxy® is the only device for Hypoxic Treatment that is approved as a medical device for treatment cardiac patients
ReOxy® – Unique solution for elderly/senior patients and patients with reduced physical abilities

Quality and safety

Ai Mediq provides a timely and effective control over every stage of production.

All our suppliers are certified in the EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9000:2000 standards.

We continuously monitor our suppliers to secure the highest achievable quality of the final product.

Every product and service Ai Mediq offers is compliant with the EN ISO 13485 International Standard and MDD regulations MDD (93/42 EEC); EN 60601-1 (safety) / EN 60601-1-2 (EMC) criteria.

Our products are highly effective and always safe.

ReOxy breathing therapy device is a device that was developed based on latest developments in medical devices and electronics.

ReOxy is manufactured by Bitmos GmbH and is CE marked and produced in full compliance to 93/42/EEC (Medical Devices Directive – MDD), facilitating high quality and safety of operation.

Every Ai Mediq employee and subcontractor is proud of the excellent quality of its products.

This helps us to meet and exceed our customers expectations.